The San Bernardino County Real Estate Services Department’s objective is to provide our clients the acquisition related services they require in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We are proud of our record, professionalism and ability to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

The County of San Bernardino, under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, is a prequalified public agency and has maintained this status since 1972. RESD is certified to do contract work with government agencies in the state. Our staff includes designated senior members of the International Right-of-Way Association, and possesses the expertise to acquire real property for government-financed projects and provide relocation assistance.  Take advantage of this staff’s expertise in the disposition of surplus property through direct sales or auction to generate revenue and strengthen your bottom line. Our department is capable of providing all services associated with the acquisition of real property: acquisition, relocation assistance, appraisal, and disposition of surplus property.


  • Prepare offers
  • Negotiate sales
  • Open escrows
  • Prepare and execute documents
  • Litigation support

Surplus Property

  • Public sales/auctions
  • Direct sales
  • Bid packages
  • Advertising packages
  • Document preparation, execution and disposition

Relocation Assistance

  • Field surveys
  • Project maps
  • Displacement overview and budget
  • Supplemental housing inventories


Our highly qualified appraisal staff includes: designated senior members of the American Society of Appraisers; the International Right-of-Way Association; state-certified General Appraisers; and California Real Estate Brokers. We are prepared to take your project from initial valuation study for budgeting to producing narrative appraisal reports for eminent domain, as well as providing expert witness testimony in several jurisdictions. Real Estate Services is capable of providing all types of appraisal reports, including the following:


  • Partial acquisition valuations
  • Easement valuations
  • Temporary right-of-way valuations
  • Capital site valuations
  • Surplus property valuations
  • Rental and market studies